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What Inspires Your Art Work?

Recently we asked the fans from Facebook what questions they had for Greg.  We received a number of questions and decided to shoot video of Greg’s responses.  In this short video Susan Clemons asks, “What inspires your art work?  The goofy looking guy asking the questions on the left is myself, Chad Field.  I’m Greg’s son-in-law.  We hope you enjoy the video and plan on doing more video responses in the future.  Please let us know what you think.  Hopefully this video will inspire you to ask additional questions in order to get to know Greg and his art work a little better.

One thought on “What Inspires Your Art Work?

  1. I guess inspiration is the same for all of us. I can get inspiration from many sources. One day a friend told me that her husband didn’t want to go at warp speed anymore…and I wrote a poem about that:

    I don’t want to go at warp speed anymore,
    my body is old and my muscles are sore.
    And though my mind is still sharp as tacks,
    when I bend to get down I can’t seem to get back.

    I know that I used to be quite on the go
    but lately my speed is always on slow.
    My eyes need glasses, my teeth need a jar
    I need a soft seat when I ride in a car.

    So let me lay down and rest for a while
    I feel like the turtle who just ran the mile.
    I don’t care what others may think of this plan
    ’cause I’ve reached the age
    ……………….where I don’t give a d_ _n.

    © – Forrest Cook – January 2005

    Thank you, Greg, for your beautiful and inspiring artwork…and thank you for the generosity you show in sharing it with all of us.


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