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2 days ago

Greg Olsen

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Thank you Lord Jesus, I know it is the best, I know the future has the best to come! Yes you will answer my prayers!

Trusting in you Lord Jesus. You lead and I will follow in faith and trust. Amen.

I Trust and Believe soully in the Lord.

The process is unknowing and it helps us build up our trustin God while on our journey of life🙂🙏🏻

Never let yourself or your family fall prey to the many now wicked in this world we live in..Remember God is always with You. Always trust in him and his ways and you shall live a happy fruitful life ❤

my absolute favorite; it's the first of your paintings that I had ever seen, and was posted without credit. For years, it was my laptop background image and I didn't know where it came from. So happy to have found it was yours, so I could enjoy the rest of your artistic gift.

Yes, trusting in God the Father. Amen

I am still wondering what it is. But I rescue cats he sends me all kinds of them.

It’s difficult to, but I’m trying to trust. 🙏🏻🖤

If we all could have the trust in Jesus as a little child!



Trusting in the Lord!

We must keep ourselves open to listening to God. He tries to direct us through life.





Faith from the Faithful

Who is this white man, it not our savor, Christ is a black man. You just keep on worshipping the beast.

Trust and believe and they will have enturnal life...

He definitely has a plan for us .

Trust isn't just one word! You need True faith. 🙏🙏💖

Although I do not have all that I want I am thankful that I do have all that I need!

I wish I knew the conclusion of it ! 😥🙏💓

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6 days ago

Greg Olsen
“In the World, Not of the World” by Greg Olsen 

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:

“In the World, Not of the World” by Greg Olsen

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:
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In prayer agreement with Judy Vinson

I put my faith with your, and pray the same thing.we need our heavenly father to stop those evill blinded by satan people. To be filled with jesus, and turn america back to him. Amen

I have this picture for a wallpaper on my laptop, the picture I'd really like is the one of him laying on the rocks of the mountains looking at the stars,love that one

Amen jesus stop all the ennemis against me alleluia l believe in you my lord

I pray so because i feel lost i have no job no way to provide for my kids and we have no family to celebrate Thanksgiving with. Its sad for my kids

Please Lord, if it be your will, STOP those who are trying to destroy our country/ nation. Amen

Amen. He knows because the flesh is always fighting with the spirit. He understand the human life so he will always be in your path to help you.

I can’t walk this path with out you Jesus. Please hold my hand and keep me in line with you. 🙏


LORD Jesus Comfort & Bless Your Servant President Donald Trump as He's Fighting Against Evil Devil's The Enemy's Aren't Any Match For You Lord My Prayers Lifted Up To You Amen

Yes he has, as only he can do. Amen

Dear Lord help this country Lord we come against the evil people we come against them in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord that's trying to destroy our country Lord help the president please be with him whatever your will is there God in Jesus name I pray amen

Take my hand Lord hold it tight and never let me go.

I need you Jesus to walk the path.

Yes lord bring the evil to light

This is so true! He has walked a life here on earth, that most have not! He was beaten, spit on, his beard was pulled out, He was lashed on His back where skin was torn off, He had thick thorns sticking in His skull, stripped of His clothing stabbed in His side, hung on that Cross for us, and died there for us giving us all life! All the while His blood poured out. forgiving all of our sins! ONLY IF WE BELIEVE!!!

Yes he has. Even more then us

I need You Jesus holding my hand and keeping me right where I need to be.

I need him every second!

He did. That's why it was his will that Biden won.

He even knew our name before we were born .

Yes you know my lord for you have walked my path! Thank you JESUS

I have the background picture. I love it because it is the walk we all have to walk. We choose..and sometimes we walk alone here on this earth..but the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with us even when were not aware. Even when we're lost and alone...especially when were lost and grateful #givethanks

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1 week ago

Greg Olsen
“Be Still” by Greg Olsen 

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:

“Be Still” by Greg Olsen

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:
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Always: In the still of the night...inthe tree filled walk, in the roar of the ocean, in the laugh of a baby, in the prayer of a all things.

One of my absolute favorite Psalms. It reminds me to just take a deep breath and let go of everything Knowing He is in control. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Thank you JESUS , we need you in this messed up world. Thank you for your mercy and forgiveness

Amen! The same goal as Buddhists have in meditation - stilling the mind.

Jesus we need u more to day then ever , save our world from the disaster ahead Lov u my Jesus n thank

Father Yahweh I give thanks to you for your many blessings, and pray for those that are homeless, hungry, and suffering with cancer, and the virus.Please be with us, and give us patience as we wait upon you. In the name of our Savior Yahshua.

Amen God gave me that verse in 1988 , my father was dying of cancer.God comforted me in one of the hardest time in my life.God you are a Good Good Father.Praise the Lord

Move your hand and protect your children!! We need a president!!!

I heard that scripture the day ... The vampires came to play and mercilessly murdered my God to replace my God ... How do you think he ended up on that cross? BIG MISTAKE!!!

tattooed on my forearm to help with anxiety. keep the faith! ❤

Thank you Jesus, please we need you in this crazy world, people need you though some don’t know it

It’s so wonderful to know that you God are in charge of all and I have nothing to fear since you already know when I need your protection 💕

One of my favorite scriptures. Thank You Lord.

Amen, we need your help and strength and to thank you for all who are out there too fighting against this Covid 🙏❤

I'm so blessed to have you Lord Jesus in my Life . I know you were there when i needed you to save me and my husband and 7 yr.old daughter from that horrible accident in 2007 . I know you have lifted us up and never have let us down just like the dream before the accident where you Lord told me that you would get us through it all . I believe it because i have seen it and it has bought me closer to you my Lord .It still brings tears to remember everything we have been through . Amen I don't know if anyone has heard this song by Kristofferson (Why me Lord) it's beautiful . i sometimes ask myself that Why me Lord

Thank you Jesus for saving me thank you for my salvation and thank you for my home in Heaven

I'm so blessed & so thankful to have Lord Jesus in my life for every & l love Jesus with all of my heart

You are always there Sweet JESUS

Praying for the President and our country that the light of freedom is not diminished

Beautiful ! You are God! And I love you! ♥️

I know my Lord. I know. Praise,glory and honor to You oh God. The righteous will run to You for safety and shall find refuge . We will tell the world about Your saving grace.We will give You praise openly and proclaim our love for You to the world. You are almighty and worthy of all our praise.

Be still he wants us to communicate with him in spirit AMen

I love this beautiful picture and quote !

You are always there for us! Thank you Lord!

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1 week ago

Greg Olsen
“Come Follow Me” by Greg Olsen 

* If you’re interested, prints are available here:

“Come Follow Me” by Greg Olsen

* If you’re interested, prints are available here:
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He is the only one we can trust in man will deceive us trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul ❤️

There is no Grace for stealing the program of death and LIEING that you concurred death ... You did not concur death that day ... You broke it

I trust him with all my heart and whole soul.

I trust that you will save our country with my whole heart and soul.

You guys were here last time ... You don't remember your death? You just repeated and now you're here again ... You don't understand

Believe me he don’t forget you i just found that out for sure thank you Jesus amen 🙏

Please Jesus save our nation from mans destruction.

I trust in him with my whole heart and my whole soul.

We know, we believe but find it hard to wait.

Asking you Lord for the timing to be right for saving this great nation from destruction. Lord, we desperately need you now, we ask intercession to the Father for help for our great nation.

Trust the Lord with all of your heart, with all your soul and he always there for us

I trust in Jesus Ame.

May he turn this turmoil in this country around and help our leaders use God and Jesus to go by the Bill of Rights and Constitution our Forefathers set up under God and Country and bring God back into our Country Schools and most of all our Goverment

I do and always will trust in him

We are STANDING ON YOUR WORD, and agreeing together in Jesus name.

My life is in Your hands😇

I completely trust in this. Our ways may not always be his ways. But his are always the best ways!!!

Sometimes it's hard but know it's for my yes I will wait on you.

I'm trusting in the Lord's timing.


I trust him with my life and he's my best friend.

It may not turn out how I planned, it turned out better, when I am doing his work and listening...

Beautiful Greg! Amen!!! In His time He makes all things beautiful!

Sometimes I dont understand His timing...hugs and love..

I believe this is the wrath of God, telling us to prepare our souls. This is world wide time to go back to church.

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1 week ago

Greg Olsen
“Sacred Space” by Greg Olsen 

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:

“Sacred Space” by Greg Olsen

* If you’re interested...prints are available here:
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Comment on Facebook

Amen. This will all be over in the blink of an eye.

Also, never forget that God gave us incredible brain power and a conscious. I don’t think he meant for us to not use our brains and logic. Sometimes God gives us tools or ways to help ourselves and we have to watch for those signs.

If you have Jesus in your heart you have nothing to fear. Amen

Lord I thank you for your grace and mercy...I love you and trust you thank you for a successful surgery you got me through only you did that...I trust you will restore my Jesus name amen...Hallejuah

Christ Jesus,, I truly struggle with the concerns of Government control over our God given liberties. In my heart I know you have all things under control, please help me see only your guiding hand and not the Evil that controls our political power mongers.

AMEN Thank you God this was in my dream Thank you for protecting us, keeping your healing hand on us and keeping us safe, we love you, you love us, you're our Saviour. We fear not because we have you with us always. Amen! 🙅❤🙏🙏😇😇☝☝

Jesus be with me help me with losing my sweet son Chris give me help love ❤️

Thank you Jesus for you Love peasie and protection.

Thank you Lord for the promises you give to still our Hearts and minds from fear, of the days of your coming to get us on that great behold your GLORY. AND GRACE TO FIRGIVE.

It feels so good to finally have peace in my life because of God! He really does hear our prayers. 🙏❤

Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy your grace and your forgiveness. I will follow you all the days of my life.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice you’ve given me so much.

If you have. Jesus you have no reason tie be afraid

This one I have trouble with. I get scared sometime, I always pray to God for strength.

Come soon, Jesus. We Your people long to be with you. Even so, come, amen. ❤

It's hard not to be afraid these days, and I have plenty of faith. This COVID pandemic scares me. I am a single father of two children and have many underlying conditions. I put my trust and faith 100% in the lord for protection of my family and I, but I still sometimes worry. I worry mostly for my children. They lost their mother 3 years ago and I am all that they have. I try my best not to worry and I pray over it constantly. I know the Lord is with me and I should not worry, I am only human though. Believe me, the Lord knows my troubles and my worries. I speak with him many times a day. He watches over and protects me and my family, there is no doubt about that. The human part of me still makes me worry though. That being said, I do now and always will trust in our lord for our protection. G_d is great..

Lord. My heart is your regardless of fear. Satan can't hold a candle to your ability. I love you and pray that I'll love you as we are required to love our Lord. I pray in your Holy name. Amen

Just remember, God is with you and Jesus heals through the power of God. They will love and protect you if you ask. Allow Them into your heart, mind and soul and you will never need to be afraid.

I often see the sun coming through clouds and then I could see JESUS coming through them with his arms out saying come to me


The painting really speaks to me. I really needed that

I pray in the holy Father to bring everyone peace and guidance for our world

Yes my lord. Please watch over me tonight and keep us safe also could you watch over my family

Always loved your Art of Christ..So very serene and beautiful and it almost describes Our Father to the "T"

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