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As I Have Loved You Come Follow Me Away in a Manger
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3 days ago

Greg Olsen

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It’s hard to let go of family issues but I try everyday

This Picture Is A Representation Of What, Christ Looks Like, He Is More Than A Picture, He Is A Part Of Our Life, He Is The I Am The I Am, Of The World Today And We Love Him, Because He Lives Inside Of Us, Each And Every Day That Comes Together. Amen!&Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.

Great advice it’s a CHOICE!!

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. - 1 Peter 5:7

Amen true

....and give the rest up to God. He has this.

Thank you Greg Olsen. I needed this today.









This picture helped to save me during a very dark time about 20 years ago. The 2 kiddos look so much like my 2 oldest did at the time. I will forever be thankful for you sharing your talents!!!







Soo true!!!!!!!

Do you have any Christian art work that can be donated to charity?

His work has also help me. Just last night I was showing his work to some people & saying what an influence his work has been for me🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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4 days ago

Greg Olsen

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Wrong. He forgives us just the way we are ... then He works on us with the goal of making us more like Himself.

... ....but you will not stay as you were when He found you. If you stay the same then you never ever really found HIM.

He loves us all, but he died precisely so that 'the way we are' (driven by evil and the flesh) could be changed, transformed, born again of the Spirit of God. 😊🙏

Yes Jesus loves us all He bled and died and arose from the grave and sent the Holy Spirit to be with us and to show us the way!!

Thank you for being so patient with me Jesus

Yes does and He will mold you who God created you to be

Yes, He loves us just the way we are, but too much to let us stay that way. This is why He atoned for us, so we could change to become more like Him. We are all born with " that's just the way I am" weaknesses. These are meant to be overcome. We are also to develop our gifts.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins 🙏🙏

I hope it does transform me to be like him.

Repent and let Jesus be your Lord and Savior for eternal life with the Trinity

He just doesn't want you to stay the way your are. Let the Holy Spirit transform you by the washing of the WORD of God.

He loves you too much too leave you just the way you are. Together with Him, the Way will transform you too be like Him.

Yet his entire mission is to change who we are into something immeasurably better.

No one on Earth is perfect,,we were put here to experience sin,,before entering the Father's House.

Yes he does. And I love him as much

He does love us even when we stray!

....but too much to leave you there.

So glad he does love me just as I am

He loves us all just the way around are.

Thanks for All your Love and Always protecting me from All the evil in the world. " Love you, My Lord!"

My Savior, My Savior the Messiah. Thank you for saving my soul.

And we are unworthy of His love but He accepts us as we are. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings you bestow unto us❤️

Thank goodness! I’d never made any difference if not! Thank you God for yet another blessing! ✝️

Yes indeed he is our father and he loves us all.

Thank-you JESUS for loving me just as I am . Then changed me , and still working on me, Praise you, for what you are doing in my life now, what you have done, and what you are going to do. I love you my SAVIOR.

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5 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Heavenly Hands” © Greg Olsen |

“Heavenly Hands” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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I believe this.💕 A breath taking picture.

Looks like Riley and Kelly(and Ella)

Feelings of peace, when I look at this picture.

What a beautiful art piece


I find comfort in this picture. It has come to represent my granddaughter that died at birth in 2002. I see her watching over her family with other loved ones by her side. 💕






FB is broken. Every time I tap LOVE... it throws up Angry!! I am not angry at the post message but I AM angry at FB. Have lost all respect... a censoring platform.



One of my favorite paintings, thank you. Hallelujah ❣

I remember when your girls were that young for this beautiful painting to be done.

Can I order a copy autographed ?

Beautiful Picture! Love This One!

Beautiful pic love gods angels

Love this picture. Judy

I also find comfort in this picture , it makes me think of our granddaughter too, only the older girl 🌸💜🌸

Always a winner!!!

One of my favorite pictures.

I see my mother always with me.❤️

I have a large framed print. It's so beautiful!!!

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1 week ago

Greg Olsen
“Kingdom Within” © Greg Olsen |

“Kingdom Within” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Christ needs to smile more. He is a man of joy


He is tired of all the craziness going on with his people

Amen and that is our Lord savior. No man is a above him or higher than our Lord savior. If they think they are. Then they are crazy as a flying pig

Beautiful picture. Love it. I can only imagine. !!!!!

As He is so are we on this world ❤️

Perfect even He must be exhausted over all the bickering and ill will.

He must be with all that’s going on.

That's the look my Mom had being a referee for 7 kids. Tired.

Maybe He is praying that the virus will be cured

I just love, love, love this picture! 🧡🧡

Thank you Jesus for being the ultimate sacrifice!


I asked Him what He would like me to do, to show Him that I love Him. His answer:. Be Happy and at Peace. I have been thinking about this. If we want peace on earth, it has to be in each heart.

God looks tried. We must listen and learn from him!

Love the picture, would be great to see it with out the words..

Love all of your beautiful paintings!❤️❤️❤️


My favorite so far that I’ve seen ❤️

It's so real, I saw him move his chin! 💖

Outra maneira de nos mostrar o caminho:falar com Deus Pai durante a nossa vida diária. Gratidão 🙏❤️

God is the only one who can save our country.

Sarah Schroeder this is the artist I was talking about yesterday 💞

Yes he's very tired..thank you Jesus!!

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2 weeks ago

Greg Olsen
Just finished this piece! 

Oftentimes, naming a piece is the most difficult part of the process. So, if anyone has a title suggestion or two...please share! I could use some help. 😊

- Greg

Just finished this piece!

Oftentimes, naming a piece is the most difficult part of the process. So, if anyone has a title suggestion or two...please share! I could use some help. 😊

- Greg
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I love this. Let everyone who finds how beautiful this painting is, give it their own name.

“ Come follow me “ came into my mind when I first saw this beautiful picture.

"Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, grant us Peace" 🙏🏼

I am the good shephard, the theives who come to steal the sheeps come through the back door, for they know that they are not wecome through the front door, but I came through the front door for it was my father, who owns them sent me. I will never abandon them that placed their trust in me.

These are the beautiful fields that I remember watching kids run and try to catch the butterflies! I had Polio,at 5, and Christ sent me back, telling me that I would do things on this earth, that needed to be done by me! Your picture of Christ, about 15 years ago, when I saw it, I started to cry, looked at my mother and told her, that was Christ! This is from Nicki!

Our daughter is a young artist. She doesn't enjoy naming her pieces either. This is lovely, Greg. ♡

"Leading the way" as he is in the picture which by the way is so beautiful.

the good shepard - The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep

I LOVE THIS! It feels so calming. I'm so grateful that you share your testimony of the Savior through your art.

I have a signed copy of your print of Jesus holding a little girl. When I'm sad, when I need comfort from my Savior, I Iook at this. Thank you for your artistic gift! My husband, who passed away 11 years ago, bought this for me. It's my prized possession.

He leads to green pastures.

Love this painting❣️ "Looking for the lost sheep".

I love your work. John 10:27 My sheep hear my this verse and the next ❤

The first thing that popped into my mind was the old hymn “Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the sheaves, We shall come rejoicing, Bringing in the sheaves” I’m not sure if sheaves are sheep or grain though.

"I will go before you" It's beautiful!

They know my voice.

Since we are preparing for the Second Coming, my thought would be to call it, “On the Way Home.”

I love your work and have several of your paintings. This is beautiful! Since it was painted during the pandemic, perhaps you could name it something to do with that. For instance ... “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Or maybe “Fear not, I have overcome the world.”

"He leadeth to green pastures."

I just listened to the song The Prayer and part of the lyric says “Lead us to a place, Guide us with your grace To a place where we’ll be safe.” I then saw this and immediately thought of the part that says, “Guide us with your grace”. It just seems so fitting for this scene.

"The Sheppard" I agree, so calming to look at. Thank you for sharing!

"They follow the Lamb wherever He goes." Revelation 14:4 💜

I’d call it Going’s beautiful, I especially like that one lamb, like people, gotta have that one last little snack before hitting the road....

That is a beautiful painting. What a talent you have.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shalt not want!

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