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From an early age I have always been fascinated by paintings that create mood, emotion and atmosphere; especially those paintings that lift me and transport me to some far off place. These are the elements I strive to create in my paintings. My paintings in many ways record what is most important to me: my feelings and experiences with family and friends along with the spiritual aspects of my life. My hope is that in these images you will find something familiar, something which will resonate and remind you of what is important in your own life.”  –  Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and grew up in the nearby farming community of Iona. He is the oldest of five children. Greg was blessed with very supportive parents who always encouraged him and provided opportunities for him to pursue his passion of art. Greg remembers a time as a teenager when he had been hired to paint a large sign for a local grocery store. It was wintertime and too cold to paint in the garage so his parents let him set up a workshop in his bedroom. He promptly spilled two quarts of black and orange enamel paint all over his bedroom carpet. Amazingly, his parents still encouraged him in his artistic endeavors.

Greg’s mother said, “Greg began showing an interest in art when he was in about the 4th or 5th grade.  He asked for a John Nagey art set for Christmas, which came with detailed instructions about values, shading, perspective, etc.  It also came with a plentiful supply of paper and different shades of black, grey and white chalk, along with colored pencils.  Greg seemed to enjoy practicing with these and received encouragement from his school teacher as well as at home.

By the time Greg reached Jr. high School he began to take it quite seriously, and when he entered Bonneville High School he was fortunate to have an extremely good art teacher, who perhaps, contributed more to Greg’s art education and desire to make it his life’s work than any other person.”

After high school Greg attended Utah State University where he studied art. While attending school he met his wife, Sydnie Cazier. They have six children and are enjoying their new role as grandparents. Greg likes being close to his family. He paints in his studio, 37 steps from the back door of their home.


37 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Mr. Olsen,
    I just had to write and say that I’m astounded by the beauty of your paintings. I’ve never seen or felt Jesus in the way he is depicted in your paintings and this loving, smiling, “human” way of seeing Him is beyond beautiful! I feel a connection with Him that’s stronger than before, and it’s because of how you’ve portrayed him. Your talent is amazing, and I feel so uplifted by your work every time I see it.

    Thank-you so much for giving the world such gorgeous art, and for helping me to feel closer to Jesus. It’s a real blessing!

  2. I have to say Mr. Olsen, whenever I feel down about my spiritual condition or I’m battling a sin in my life you’re paintings are a great source of encouragement. You’re paintings display a sort of reverence and holiness, yet personal connection and kindness that I don’t see in other artists. Thank you for such wonderful art, and keep up the good work! God Bless

  3. The first I bought from you, was Lost then found. I saw it and shared an image of it to my friend of 29 years on Facebook. The young man in the picture looked just like her son Bronson. Bronson had just been murdered Christmas morning. On his way to his mother’s house. He was just 23 years old. Her baby. She fell in love with it. She wanted to know how she could get one. I kept you secret until February, when all her family could be there for Bronson’s memorial. I had the picture she has for your sent to her. The Joy and love she enjoys throughout each day from your inspirational spirit lead work is a Blessing and a tender mercy from the Lord for Pam, Bronson’s mother. Now she knows of your website. As of so many others that have asked her for it the boy in the picture looks just like her son and yes he was lost in this life. She is a kind-hearted Christian woman. Lives alone now brunson’s father left when she was four and a half months pregnant with him and she never remarried period through your artwork could this picture this piece that you created and she sees Brunson speaking with the Lord every time she sees it, often, always, thank you for bringing her son with the Lord in the way that speaks to her. Two other boys were killed in a car accident, on the way to Bronson’s memorial. Each of these women now want the same painting, with blonde hair on the young man. Pam just gave them your phone number and website. Again Thank you so very much

  4. Greg,
    You painted a picture of my grandpa, Tom Shurtliff. Now, my dad is 90, and he is wondering who your parents and grandparents are. As you know, Iona was a small community and he knew about everyone who lived there.
    Thank you for including my grandpa in your art. My son has a canvas of the picture hanging in his insurance office.
    I remember you from high school and never knew that I was in the company of someone so talented.
    I hope you will have someone get back to me with the info on your parents as dad has been I’ll with shingles for the past 16 months.
    Thanks so much! And God bless you!

  5. Your depiction of Christ is one of the most inspiring that I have ever seen. The expression on His face is inviting, and you often show him smiling. This is my view of him. I was fortunate enough to see a film of His life that portrayed a multi-emotional Jesus–laughing, crying, smiling, compassionate, angry–and this changed my perspective. Your presentations have reinforced my image of Jesus as welcoming, even of us most imperfect humans, rather than the sober Jesus whom we find difficult to believe could forgive anything. Although a life-long Christian, I find myself finally opening to His forgiveness. And, though I “stumbled” across your website, I don’t believe at all in coincidences. May our Lord bless you and continue to guide you in His Way.

  6. You are a gift, thank you for sharing your noble vision. Indeed you inspire and touch hearts. Beauty and grace come alive through your art. Thank you.

  7. I placed an order for your “Even a Sparrow” painting, but didn’t get a confirmation of the order. Meantime, my wallet with all my identification has been stolen and I’m having to get a new Visa card so unless you had already made the charge, it may be denied. I just wanted you to know that I do want the painting, but can’t provide a new billing address until I get my new card. Please advise. Thank you.

  8. I bought Be Not Afraid actually my daughter in law did and was a gift from her and my son. I have to tell you as you said hope I see something familiar . And I did I have to tell you the amazing story my story. My oldest brother sent me a message to look at the pic he sent and let him know what I see . I looked for hours and WOW! I had my husband and other family members
    Look at pic and all said WOW! AGAIN. The face of God is a spitting image of my brother Donnye. He passed away in 2009 and the child he is holding is what I felt was his little boy which passed at birth many years ago. So I have this BEAUTIFUL amazing pic in my room. I talk to him and pray with him every day many times. Donnye is with our Mother and Father also my youngest brother passed 3months after Mother passed in 2012. Father passed 2007. Anyway
    Since 2015 I’ve had 3 open heart surgeries in 18 months. So when I received the picture Be Not Afraid I have found peace again. As long as I have the picture my Heart is not broken to pieces anymore I am calmer.
    Now the next question I have for you is “Do you have any other pic with that wonderful loving face? Please share if you do or can do. ” PLEASE reply ASAP.
    God Bless you.
    Nanette LaFrentz

  9. Is it possible to get greeting cards entitled Side by Side 1997. I have had this card to frame because it first reminded me of my friend of over 60 years. Debbie was the blonde & had dark hair. Then I loved it because it reminded of our daughters. And now of
    our granddaughters, who cousins. So, I would love to give each one a copy to frame. Because of my Google research I have discovered your God given talent and your awesome presentation of Jesus’s life & His love of children & desire to have the relationship that you portray in your paintings. This research was also my day’s devotion in visual form as I contemplated each image shown. Keep on honoring the glory of our God and our Savior ,His son Jesus.

  10. Is it possible to get greeting cards entitled Side by Side 1997. I have had this card to frame because it first reminded me of my friend of over 60 years. Debbie was the blonde & had dark hair. Then I loved it because it reminded of our daughters. And now of
    our granddaughters, who cousins. So, I would love to give each one a copy to frame. Because of my Google research I have discovered your God given talent and your awesome presentation of Jesus’s life & His love of children & desire to have the relationship that you portray in your paintings. This research was also my day’s devotion in visual form as I contemplated each image shown. Keep on honoring the glory of our God and our Savior ,His son Jesus.

  11. Mr Olsen, Your Forgiven art is amazing and I was wondering how did you have the mind of drawing the girl. Did God tell you to add that girl. My friend that I grew up with looks exactly like the girl in your painting. Please reply back

  12. Dear Brother Olsen,
    It is such a pleasure to behold your rendition of The Lord Jesus Christ in your paintings. Thank you for being faithful to The Lord. God Bless you and be with you always.
    In Christ,
    Suneela Rachael

  13. My dear friend gifted me with your “Be Not Afraid” some years ago. I see it every day and love it so much. A very powerful depiction.


  15. Dear Mr. Olsen,

    Dear Mr. Olsen,
    Your art and talent is God given. I love your concepts and use of color which make me feel as if I were an apostle or witness to His ministry.
    I have started to paint a few Jesus themed paintings but have a long way to go before they inspire as do yours.

  16. I was about to order a 30 X 40 framed, matted print from Fine Art America when they asked for a savings code…they told me I had to get it from the artist..I live in Nampa Idaho and I want a framed print of “in the arms of his love”…where Jesus is carrying a little boy and holding the hand of a little girl…How can I get a discount code? They want over $600 for shipping costs and my picture would have come to over $2200. Any way I can get a discount code from Mr Olsen?

  17. Hi Greg, I have met you on more than one occasion in Mesa, Arizona, as you were kind enough to sign your art work we have purchased. One of my favorites, is of our Savior with his arm around a small boy. Our first grandchild was born about the time you painted and signed this incredible piece of art . This grandson is now serving as a missionary in San Antonino, Texas. His name is Scott Pospisil, and you painting reminds us so much of him. I can’t help but think your painting helped him decide to serve our Lord and Redeemer and declare His Gospel for these 2 years. Your work can and does change lives! We thank you and send our love and best wishes, Les & Diane Pospisil

  18. Dear Mr. Olson:
    Your art is simply profound and your portrayals of Christ are the ones I feel depict his countenance the most accurately of all the paintings I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them. None provide the inspiration for communion with Him as yours do. In fact I’ve also noticed they are anatomically correct with His negative imprint on His burial shroud (of Turin) which just recently has been authenticated as His. Thank you for the blessings your work gives us. They are treasures.

  19. I see these awesome pictures of Jesus, and they are so beautyful. But then i see this Halloween pictures below, and i wonder why you were painting a Halloween picture showing Halloween as something nice? Don’t you know about the roots and the meaning of Halloween? It is so satanic and doesn’t go together with the Lord.

    1. The Lord I am sure has a sense of humor and loves a good party. Of course the majority of people just think it is a fun holiday as we don’t participate in satanic worship or killing animals etc. If the Church was so much against it we would not have Halloween parties in the church parking lots and kids wouldn’t be dressing up as their favorite character. I live in a Mormon community and one of the highlights each year is to close down the streets and all the kids (and lots of non-members kids from neighboring towns come because it is fun and they feel safe) walk from house to house. You could easily give away because 1000-2000 pieces of candy. We have a potluck in the driveway and then sit and watch all the kids and adults walk past. It is fabulous fun!

  20. Greg I own a reproduction of “where he leads me” # 257, a beautiful picture, however when moving I lost the cerification documents,. Would you , if possible be able to replace them? I am seventy and though I plan on living another 20 years, I would like to have the documents in case my plan doesn’t work out. Yours sincerely Margaret Howarth

  21. Mr. Olsen 5 weeks ago I had brain surgery to remove an acoutic neuroma tumor. Upon waking afterv8 hours I saw Jesus. He spoke to me and told me I still had work to do here for the past 5 weeks I have been searching artists to see if anyone captured who I saw. The minute I saw your pictures I saw Jesus just as He stood ar the foot of my bed in ICU Have you also seen Him. I bought 3 of your pictures.. you have captured Him to a T

  22. On May 23, I woke from brain surgery and Jesus was standing at the end of my bed. I searched for 5 weeks afterwards to find an artist who closely saw Jesus the way I saw Him.. You are the artist, He looked just like your pictures but a little lighter skin color. Blessings

  23. I live in Hawaii and every time I look at your painting “Joy to the World” it reminds me that if Christ were a surfer on the North Shore he would look exactly like that. I love the picture and even used it in a RS lesson and told all the sisters that Christ would look like this if he were a surfer, well all the sisters wanted to get a better look at the picture and asked where they could get the picture from. I love it! The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful talent.

  24. Hello Greg, I was at a friend’s last night and they had a painting up of yours called “Dress Rehearsal”, I was mesmerized by it as it reminded me of my teen-age years when my mother made me a long dress for our Piano recital every June. I just loved the portrait and I am trying to get one. It really brought back memories. I am also a christian and loved your paintings of Jesus. When a child I had a picture in my bedroom of Christ looking over a little girl and boy walking across a bridge. It meant so much to me and made me think God was always there to protect me. Is that your painting? Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent for the Lord. It is so inspirational. God is always portrayed as the loving and caring Father that He is. God bless you.

  25. My husband just gave me a copy of “The Spirit of Christmas” for Christmas. I cried like a baby when I opened it. I first saw this painting at a charity auction. I didn’t bid on it because the bids had already gone over what I could afford. But my husband knew I loved it. Thank you so much for your artistry.

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