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Forever and Ever
Easter Special : Forever & Ever 14×18 in a Walnut Frame

Years ago I used our daughter Kylie as a model for the child sitting on Christ’s lap in this painting. When the painting was finished I hung it in her bedroom near a night light thinking that it might be a comforting image for her to fall asleep with as she went to bed each night. When our youngest daughter Brooke was born she and Kylie shared that same bedroom.

One day, when Brooke was about 3 years old, she was in her bedroom with my wife Sydnie. As part of their little conversation Sydnie looked at Brooke and asked, “Brooke, do you know that Jesus loves you?” Brooke was quiet for a moment and then pointed at the painting on the wall and said, “No…Kylie!” Apparently for Kylie the painting had been a wonderful reminder that Jesus loved her, but for Brooke it meant Jesus loves Kylie best. How sad! When I heard this I felt so bad, I thought to myself, “I’ve scarred this poor little daughter of mine!” I had to change Brooke’s perception.

I ran to my studio and went straight to my computer where I pulled up an image of this painting in Photoshop. I imported a recent picture of Brooke and carefully superimposed her head over the top of Kylie’s. I then printed out a large copy of this new image of Jesus with Brooke on his lap. I then ran with it back into the house and handed it to little Brooke. At first she didn’t notice the change and her expression seemed to say, “thank you father, remind me one more time that Jesus loves Kylie best”. I got her to take a closer look. This time her eyes grew wide and a big smile burst across her face as she exclaimed, “Jesus loves me!”

Sometimes I think it would helpful if all of us had our own version of a painting like this just as a reminder that “Jesus LOVES ME!”  His love is real and transforming, and above all abiding.

14 thoughts on “Jesus LOVES ME!

  1. you have a Picture of Jesus pulling a child out of the water. every time I see that picture I think to myself that it is Jesus pulling my granddaughter out of the Hulbolt River in Nevada where she had Drowned. I feel much better and understand that is where she is at and I find myself not crying that she is gone. she had just turned 6. She has been with Jesus for 2 1/2 years now and I still think that she is in a better place But I do miss her a lot… I love that picture a lot .. I share every one of your pictures so that my grandmothers fosters girls read them and they all love it when I post them and they have to me so I am telling you Keep up the good work it is working on them and Myself… Thank you..

  2. I have loved this painting from the first time I saw it. After I married my husband, I have always thought that the girl in the picture looked like my stepdaughter, Kayla. I have often wondered if you had used your children as the models for the children in you paintings. Also, when I look at your “In His Light” painting, I see my son there with the Savior. I love you work. It always gives me such a feeling of peace.

  3. I have known for years how much your paintings touch the lives of millions, but hadn’t thought about your own children. You have a truly priceless gift – to be able to put your daughter in the arms of Jesus… Thanks for sharing this reminiscence! Kind regards, Chris Davey (aka Thorby Rudbek)

  4. I have to confess. After I bought a copy of the picture, I Photoshopped my 2 granddaughters into it as well. They loved it!

  5. Your work touches my heart. You show the power of Jesus’ Love. Little children are a GIFT. From God. They are our hope and future. When we show them kindness, it is the same as showing it to the world and to Jesus himself. Then they grow up and pass it along.

  6. I have kept a copy of a cover you did for Catholic Digest, Dec. 2010. Just today I was cleaning my desk, came across the cover and looked you up. Your art is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  7. you don’t know how much your work has moved me to tears, especially that painting called forgiven, it’s taken me years to find the artist and now i’ve finally found you, God bless…the forgiven painting moves me and makes me cry, i have long black hair myself and the red dress just reminds of scarlet crimson red, as if we’re washed by the blood of jesus and after we’re washed by His blood and made whole again, he forgives us unconditionally even when we don’t forgive ourselves he teaches this kind of love, God bless your life and more beautiful paintings, I hope to continue my photography the way you do your art…what a magical inspiration, it always lifts me to higher ground spiritually for sure <3

  8. In the year of 1996 I was born. As I was born nobody noticed that something was very wrong with me until my mother looked at how I was breathing That day she found out her new baby girl has five holes in her tiny heart. The year before she lost a set of twins. I died and they brought me back but I was in icu for two weeks. As I was staying there my mother went down to the gift shop and saw your beautiful artwork and knew right then and there her precious little girl was going to be okay. I got a blessing then later four of my holes were gone. I still live with a tiny hole to this day. But every since I have learned about this, this picture has been a sign from god and now it guides in my life. It reminds me of my mother and my struggles. But most of all it shoes me I can go through anything.

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