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Focus on the Feeling

Anthony Rose asked, “Have you had any experiences with Jesus which have helped you to paint the way you do?”

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4 thoughts on “Focus on the Feeling

  1. That question is very personal. Most of us have had experiences in life that cause us to live and work in Spiritual ways. Spiritual things cannot be expressed in so many words. Anyone who views your paintings should feel the Spirit deep inside and expressing these feelings verbally seems to never do justice to how you feel. Only the poet or those who are deep thinkers can try. So I look at your art with my eyes and my heart and soul are touched deeply. How deeply depends upon how the Spirit moves me. If I’ve been diligent in studying my scriptures and have been pondering them, I get the feeling that God Himself manifests the truth of how you feel when you are painting to my soul. I know that you feel deeply for our Savior and His earthly families. I know that you are an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I am humbled that you share with the world on these mediums those things you paint from your heart and soul. My soul thanks you for your daily inspirations. You are the best!

  2. Thank you, Greg. I loved your answer! The reason I asked the question was because whenever I look at Jesus in your paintings, I just see ‘the Light of Love’ spreading all through the painting somehow. Never the physical features. It struck me as so odd. I see the Jesus I know, not the physical person. It made me wonder if you had had some awesome experience. But I realise now, of course you did! You met my same Jesus! And he lives and talks with you too! 🙂 Thanks again for the joy your paintings bring, and for all the work you put into God’s giftings you have.

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