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Precious in His Sight

This audio was taken from a recent devotional that Greg gave.  He explains some of his thoughts about the image “Precious in His Sight.”  Sometimes we might get down and discouraged, but hopefully not for long. God created us.  Our worth is greater than we realize!

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6 thoughts on “Precious in His Sight

  1. Love your work and the inspirational message you left about this work.
    May you continue to bless us with your talent.

  2. All your work is magnificent you had been blessed with a great talent from above, our Heavenly Father is very pleased with all your work I know that for fact. Thank you for allways sharing your art through FB. When I get more money I will purchase some of your art. Thanks again.

  3. There is not one site that I would rather view than that of your humble, yet glorious paintings. There is only one thing I can think when I view these, “Glen Olsen is a blessed man for his willingness to share his God given talent with us who need visuals to help center us after we have read (studied) God’s Holy Word. These pictures cause an even more blessed spiritual awakening while pondering the scriptures. I am impressed by the beauties of nature and you capture scenes I will never otherwise have the ability to see.” I am most grateful!

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