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O Jerusalem
25th anniversary edition
I can't believe it’s been twenty-five years since I completed O Jerusalem. At the time, I had no idea that it would become my signature piece. Looking back, I can say that this is the painting that started it all.
36×48Frame dimensions
26×38 canvas Giclee print
five-inchsolid wood frame with liner
2,500 s/nEdition Size {signed & numbered}
Jerusalem in Jesus' Day
Herod's Temple
Temple Mount
Golden Gate
Antonia Fortress
Beautiful Gate
Inner Court
Pool of Bethesda

have you ever sat quietly and pondered, “What has God prepared for me? What blessings are awaiting me as I make room to receive them?” Pondering and quiet meditation can help open our eyes to perspectives that are more positive, more short, more Christlike. If we can learn to simply “be still”, push away the world and see things with a Christ consciousness our experience in life will transform. We will see ourselves and others with compassion, love and endless potential.

Greg 25 Years Ago
Greg 25 years ago.

I often use my imagination to play out a little exercise in my mind that has proven to be uplifting and enlightening for me. I imagine myself seated on a rock next to Jesus, perhaps seated on a hill like this watching the sunset. I ponder the things that I might say to Him if I were there. I then sit quietly and “listen.”

Greg and Syd visit the Holy Land
Greg and Syd visit the Holy Land.

I then let my mind fill with words that he might say to me in return. Without fail I come away feeling encouraged and loved. I feel more hopeful and aware. I really feel as though I’ve been gathered under his wing! “O Jerusalem, often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings...”

This is a Messianic exclamation of profound concern and unconditional love for all who have lost their way and suffer while wandering in spiritual darkness. As the slanting rays of the sun reflect upon the rooftops of Old Jerusalem, Christ reflects upon His life’s mission and upon those He came to serve and bless. His gaze takes in the glistening gold and marble of Herod’s Temple and the smoke of burnt offerings upon the altar.

O Jerusalem sketched on Canvas
O Jerusalem sketched on Canvas.

He was keenly aware that soon He would offer Himself up as the true Passover Lamb – “the Lamb of God.” Here, upon the Mount of Olives, Jesus could see the day, like His mortal ministry, coming to a close. However, a new day always dawns and there is hope and comfort in His words, “Lo, I am with you always.”

O Jerusalem in progress
O Jerusalem in progress.

Just as He looked down upon the traveling pilgrims entering Jerusalem, He watches still from yet a higher vantage point, ready to extend His protective wing to all who seek Him.

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