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What’s the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, go to the home page on and click “Order Status” in the top left corder. Type in your Order # and click “check status”.

When Greg signs and personalizes a print, where does that go?

Greg signs and personalizes with a metallic pen in one of the the bottom corners.

What shipping company do you use?

We primarily ship orders through FedEx and USPS. Unframed prints (11×14 and smaller) are usually shipped via USPS. Most framed prints are larger unframed prints (16×20 and larger) are shipped via FedEx. In the case of destinations outside of the domestic United States, USPS is usually the preferred route. 

I ordered a matted or unframed paper print, what size of frame do I need?

Good question. Most prints come in standard sizes (there are a few exceptions though). Standard sized prints should generally be framed as followed:  

  • 8×10 prints are printed on a 11×14 sheet of paper and are meant to fit into a standard 11×14 frame.
  • 11×14 are printed on a 16×20 sheet of paper and are meant to fit into a standard 16×20 frame.
  • 16×20 are printed on a 20×24 sheet of paper and are meant to fit into a standard 20x24 frame.

Does the unframed paper/texture print, come ready to hang?

No. Unframed paper/textured prints come mounted to a 1/8″ thick piece of panel board and are meant to be framed without glass (similar to a canvas print).

Do you stretch your canvas prints?

We don’t stretch canvas prints….instead we mount them to a piece of board.  We do this because we’ve found that it is more durable and requires less maintenance. Over time (and due to changes in temperature and humidity), stretched canvas prints loosen and in order to correct the lag, the canvas would need to be taken out of the frame and re-stretched by a framer. This comes at a cost to you and is generally not a very convenient task.  Aside from the maintenance, a stretched canvas is more susceptible to damage. If someone or something were to push up against it, it could puncture or dimple/dent the canvasWe’ve found that mounting the prints (both canvas giclees and textured paper) not only eliminates the maintenance required with canvas prints, but it also drastically decreases damage. As a result the prints maintain their value over time. 

Does a canvas wrap require a frame?

No. Canvas wraps always come ready to hang. They are wrapped around stretcher bars, and then a piece of wood is placed on the back for additional support.

What is the value of my Limited Edition?

Good question! Most of Greg Olsen’s Limited Edition are sold out, which is bodes well for the value of your print. There is a secondary market valuation tool we have access to to help give you an idea for what your specific piece is worth today. Some online galleries, like, sell many of Greg’s sold out prints on their website. is also a good place to go find the current values of Greg’s sold out limited editions.

All of the Limited Editions are sold out. Can you print a special one just for me?

We try to protect the value of the Limited Editions by not offering Open Edition (which means there is an unlimited number that we can produce) prints in sizes that encroach upon the Limited Editions. It’s kind of an odd deal, and not always convenient but we’ve made that commitment to our collectors.  In most cases, we will have Open Edition prints available in smaller sizes.

Can you put a rush on my order?

The majority of our products are “built to order”, which means it’s a little more time intensive than just pulling an item off the shelf. We try our best to accommodate our customers whenever possible, though. To see if your order is eligible for a rush service, give us a call at 1-800-352-0107 or send an email to We’ll check with our production and fulfillment managers and see what your options are.

Why don’t you offer “Free Shipping” to Hawaii & Alaska (or International)?

We wish we could offer free shipping to Hawaii & Alaska…but unfortunately we’re only able to cover shipping costs up to a certain amount before it starts affecting our margins. We, like many online stores, can only afford to offer free shipping to addresses within the contiguous United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

Does Greg do commissions or custom paintings?

While Greg always welcomes and appreciates suggestions, he does not do commissions or custom paintings. Feel free to send your ideas to and we’ll make sure to pass it onto Greg.

How can I get Greg to speak at an event?

Public speaking arrangements are coordinated several months in advance. Inquiries should be sent to Nate at

Do you offer hi res files for download? So that I can print my own?

Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, we don’t sell digital images for private printing. We keep all the printing in-house.

My order was damaged. What should I do?

Yikes. This doesn’t happen often but when it does…it stinks! We’re really sorry about the damage and we’ll do our best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. To start the process, please send us an email with your order number, a brief description of the issue, and a picture of the damage. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss next steps.

Can you donate a print?

Thanks for asking. We donate hundreds of prints every year to different causes and charities…and even schools and churches. Please send an email to with some information about your request and we’ll pass it on to our donation coordinator? Keep in mind that we get hundreds of requests each year, and unfortunately as much as we’d love to, we’re not always able to make a donation.

The promo code I entered isn’t working or wasn’t applied to some of the items in my cart.

Discount codes are not valid on promotional offers and sales items. Because these items are already marked down, they are not eligible for additional discounts.

The painting I want is only offered in a 16×20 or smaller. Can I get it in a larger size?

Many of Greg’s images have been offered in larger sizes as Limited Editions (meaning they are signed & numbered, and only a certain amount are ever printed). In order to protect the integrity and value of those editions, we don’t offer open edition prints (meaning they are non-limited, and can be produced forever without limitation) in sizes that are close to or larger than the Limited Edition sizes.

It’s possible that the Limited Editions of the image you’re interested are still available.  Here is a collection of Limited Editions that are still available:

We do have several images that were never offered as Limited Editions, which means we can print custom sizes to fit your needs. Let me know what images you’re interested in and I’ll let you know what you’re options are.

What is the difference between the canvas and the paper/textured?

Canvas: The canvas is a one-off, giclee print which is a top of line reproduction. Giclee printers, which feature a 12-color process, use incredibly fine jets of ink to “spray” the image onto the canvas. Each canvas image receives a protective UV varnish and is suitable for displaying without glass.

Paper: Most of the prints on paper were done on an offset printer.  The paper quality is great. However it is a 4-color process and is not a giclee.  It is still considered a high quality fine art print, but when compared to a giclee the quality is inferior.  That said, most people wouldn’t be able to spot the difference unless they saw the two options side by side.

Paper/Textured: A paper print that is mounted to a piece of panel board and then coated with UV & water resistant finish that protects the print the same way glass would and also gives a little bit of texture to the print.  This finish allows you to frame the print without the need for glass, so you don’t have to fight the glare.  It also gives you the look of a canvas but it’s not quite as expensive.  

I have a gallery/storefront. Do you sell wholesale?

Thanks for the inquiry and we appreciate your interest. Unfortunately, with exception to few larger retailers, we no longer sell wholesale.

When will my item(s) ship?

  • Unframed Paper Prints: Generally ship within 1-3 Business Days.. 
  • Unframed Paper/Textured Prints: Generally ship within 2-4 Business Days. 
  • Unframed Canvas Prints: Generally ship within 3-5 Business Days. 
  • Framed Paper/Textured: Built to order. Generally ship within 5-7 Business Days. 
  • Framed Canvas: Built to order. Generally ship within 5-7 Business Days.
  • Canvas Wrap: Built to order. Generally ship within 5-7 Business Days..
  • Framed Limited Edition: Built to order. Generally ship within 7-10 Business Days.

Can I use this image on the cover our church program or on a book I’m writing?

Thanks for the inquiry. You’ll have to contact our Licensing Department on that. They will be able to give you more information. You can send an email to or call 1-800-352-0107(Extension 3).

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