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Do you stretch your canvas prints?

We don’t stretch canvas prints….instead we mount them to a piece of board.  We do this because we’ve found that it is more durable and requires less maintenance. Over time (and due to changes in temperature and humidity), stretched canvas prints loosen and in order to correct the lag, the canvas would need to be taken out of the frame and re-stretched by a framer. This comes at a cost to you and is generally not a very convenient task.  Aside from the maintenance, a stretched canvas is more susceptible to damage. If someone or something were to push up against it, it could puncture or dimple/dent the canvasWe’ve found that mounting the prints (both canvas giclees and textured paper) not only eliminates the maintenance required with canvas prints, but it also drastically decreases damage. As a result the prints maintain their value over time. 

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