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What is the difference between the canvas and the paper/textured?

Canvas: The canvas is a one-off, giclee print which is a top of line reproduction. Giclee printers, which feature a 12-color process, use incredibly fine jets of ink to “spray” the image onto the canvas. Each canvas image receives a protective UV varnish and is suitable for displaying without glass.

Paper: Most of the prints on paper were done on an offset printer.  The paper quality is great. However it is a 4-color process and is not a giclee.  It is still considered a high quality fine art print, but when compared to a giclee the quality is inferior.  That said, most people wouldn’t be able to spot the difference unless they saw the two options side by side.

Paper/Textured: A paper print that is mounted to a piece of panel board and then coated with UV & water resistant finish that protects the print the same way glass would and also gives a little bit of texture to the print.  This finish allows you to frame the print without the need for glass, so you don’t have to fight the glare.  It also gives you the look of a canvas but it’s not quite as expensive.  

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