The Process

Doreen asked Greg, “Do you use photo’s to paint from and also, do you remember my parents Ken and Carmen Thomas?” Greg also talks about the time it takes to create an image.

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Why Do I Paint Christ The Way I Do

I received a question from Annie Call on Facebook. She asked, “When you get ready to paint pictures of Christ, are you painting from personal revelations of what he looks like? or what you think he would look like? I have noticed your images of Christ are slightly different than the ones we normally see….”

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Chicken or the Egg?

Tina Reeder asked a question via Facebook. Do you create your art work to go with specific sayings or do you find a saying and create the art work to go with the saying?


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When Did I Start…

Sharalee Christiansen asked Greg via Facebook, how old he was when he started painting?

Does anyone else have additional questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!

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Children of the World

Amber Phipps asked the following question by way of Facebook. In the painting “Children of the World,” did you have models for the children? I ask because the young lady kneeling down with a child on her lap has my face. Maybe I have a twin out there? : ) Here is Greg’s response.

Do you have any additional questions about “Children of the World?” Let me know.

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