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Gregisode #2 — “Sacred Space” : Zoom In, Zoom Out




Just a FEW of the things that I’m most grateful for…

My sweet wife, Sydnie. As you heard in the podcast, she’s at the top of my list every time!

As I also mentioned in the podcast, memories of my Mom are some of the easiest things for me to Zoom In on.  Before she passed away, she told us that she wanted us to think of her each time we saw a butterfly. It’s been nearly 17 years since she passed and there isn’t a butterfly I see without still thinking of her.

A few years ago we celebrated her birthday by indulging in some of  her signature “Grandma Olsen” treats.

Butterscotch Oatmeal cookies and homemade toast and jam! Not quite the same, but close enough 🙂

Nature. Getting outdoors and camping for a weekend will forever be one of my favorite, most preferred pass-times.

When we were raising our one son and  five daughters, our camping trips looked a little different! Now, Nate and I consider the four sons-in-law the reward for being so outnumbered by girls all those years!



Now, we’re outnumbered by grandkids! They’re loud and wild and the best parts of life these days.



The easiest thing to be grateful for:

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