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Let Go and Hold On

Be Not Afraid - Blog

The fear of losing control of our little world and turning it completely over to a higher, wiser power is some times more than we can bear. Fear is a hard thing to let go of. Releasing others from our expectations of them is even more terrifying, since *of course* we know what would be best for them! “If they could only see”, we exhale with a sigh.

Perhaps a higher power has often smiled at the irony.

God seems to have no fear of allowing us to take control of our life, knowing that sooner or later we will come to a place where we let go of fear, look up and grasp firmly the hand of One who truly does know best!

Let go of things you can’t control so you can focus on things you can.

– Greg

131 thoughts on “Let Go and Hold On

  1. this is truly beautiful., we just lost 3 members of our family and what I just read gives me a tremendous amount of peace. Thank You!

  2. This photo was shared with me after a difficult situation that was
    rock specific, “bouldering” to be exact. Hallelujah Mr Olsen for
    blessing me with this visual!!! We are learning how to boulder and
    indoor rock climb, I just need to BELIEVE! ShalomשלוםYeshua Jesus bless you!!!! May I post this on my FaceBook?

  3. When my only child,Christian, 23, was sick,before Jesus took Chris to. Heaven, I showed him this picture and told him that he was the little boy in Jesus’ arms and I was the girl Jesus was pulling to safety. He’s still holding me even though Christian is in heaven. I always wanted to get a picture of this but couldn’t afford it. I’m thankful to see it here. God bless you

    1. Dear April, My heart bursts for you. I would love to find a way to gift you this truly beautiful print in memory of your precious son. Christian. May Dear Beloved Jesus hold you closely.
      Thank you Greg for your amazing gift and sharing Jesus so beautifully. Thank you!

  4. I lost my two little girls, Emily and Amey. They were stillborn 5 years apart from each other. I stumbled across your beautiful artwork on Pinterest and have cried my eyes out for the last 10 minutes.
    Although hard, he knows best. Amen

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