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Through His Eyes

This is a short video clip that was taken from a talk that I recently gave. How much differently would our day and life be if we saw ourself and others as the Savior see’s us. Do you think that we would treat others differently?

The images that were used in this video are: Joy of the Lord, The Dandylion, Bible Stories

13 thoughts on “Through His Eyes

  1. I have always loved your paintings. Would love to see them all hanging in my home. Thank you Greg, for sharing them here and on FaceBook. Jane

  2. We are going to become a new company. We are looking for an artist that we can commission to style a logo for us and give us the rights to the work. We would like to ask you your price to begin work on a work of two kinds. One will be a male dove with his wings outstretched and a smaller dove bird under his wing which will be our logo. “..neither is the woman without the man or the man without the woman..” and as you know doves are monogamous throughout the entire of their lives.

    We are also looking for a drawing that will rage in the sea but in the small of a boat there is a sleeping Jesus. We would like to speak to you about doing this work for us. We are presently in St. George…you may want to call us with all the details. I am Nina and my phone number is 801 671-3450. Your work is excellent. We bellieve that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true and everlasting Gospel on this planet. We hope to hear from you if you are interested. We are going to become a Travelling Musical Theatrical Production Company. We are going to call ourselves …Great I Am Productions. The production is all to the glory of our Lord and Savior. We had thought we wanted to ask Jim Warren to assist us…..but it has come to my mind to ask you first. So..I Am. Thank you.

  3. We love your paintings. We have only seen Him looking sad, or at least not smiling. But we both belive He smiled most of the time.
    In His Name and Love, Bruce and Donna

  4. Greg, thank you very much for your inspiring paintings! At the University we recieved a task to tell about our favourite painting, and I’m going to tell about “Precious in His Sight”:)

  5. I love your work! Thank you for sharing your talents with me. I was wondering if you are going to be anywhere in Utah County to sign autographs? I have bought your new book, “Walk with Me”, for a dear friend of mine and was wondering how I can get you to autograph it. Thank you!

  6. I love the light and expression in your work! The video of Jesus is heart warming. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with others. I’m sure God smiles each time that you create a painting. I would like to know how you derive at your subject matter, what you use to go by such as your imagination or a photo with some basics, and how long it takes to create a painting. Thank You again for sharing your unique talent.

  7. Dear Greg, I would appreciate a conversation with you soon. My name is Catherine Olson and I live in Minot, ND. In July of 2011, I had a near death experience. long story short I came across your picture of Christ(Through His Eyes) This is the way Christ looked, when I was in the Glory light with our Lord! I am now writing a book, soon to be published. May we talk? Your Sister in Christ Cathy

  8. the question, ” if we met Jesus and had a chance to talk with him, what would we say or what would change, would we change or what would the presence be like with him”, that makes me stop and be so thankful of his live and sacrifice for all of us. Thank you Greg for being so faithful and obedient to our Savior. I enjoy all of your beautiful paintings, they have so much in them that tell his story.

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