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In His Light

Greg shares an experience he had during the model shoot for In His Light.” Greg thought that he would get some photos of the Jesus model and then find the right model for the child at another time. When the models wife and son showed up at the shoot he changed his mind.

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9 thoughts on “In His Light

  1. Wow! What a powerful story. I was moved to tears watching this video segment. This has been my favorite painting since the very first time I saw it. I love the adoring look on the the little boy’s face as he gazes up at Jesus. It makes it even better to learn that this a father/son team.

  2. I love this picture as well. I bought it and had it framed after we lost one of our grandsons at birth. I love to look at it and imagine our Savior Jesus Christ watching over our grandson in heaven. Thank you Greg for creating this wonderful work of art and for sharing this beautiful story love, Sister Gayle Taylor.

  3. I love the look on the little boy’s face. I’d love to see Jesus beaming with love at this little child, His child.

    Please paint the Savior with a loving smile.



  4. this picture hit me and then when I watched the vidio I couldn’t help but cry. This is what I saw one night after I lost my year old baby girl. I awoke one night, (I knew I wasn’t sleeping) I was in the field and a group was in front of me, I started walking to get close enough to see what was going on. I saw Jesus setting there telling stories to a group of children. He had his arm around one child just like in the picture. As I got closer the child looked up at Jesus with a look I knew so well. It was my baby girl. Jesus was telling me she was ok and happy and would never be hurt again. I love your art.
    The first time I saw any of your art was just a few weeks ago I walked into Hobby Lobby and a picture on display with several others jumped out at me and I knew I had to have it. It was Santa standing beside a little manger scene on a table, he was holding the baby Jesus. The look on his face is drew me in. The name plate on the picture said “I Belive”. Yes I bought the picture.
    Are there CHRISTMAS cards with this scene? where can I get them?
    Love and Thanks,

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