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He Loves Me Too!

Greg shares an experience he had with his 2 youngest daughters. He explains the way he resolved this issue and some insights that were gained as a result.

To view the image “Forever and Ever” Click Here

26 thoughts on “He Loves Me Too!

  1. I love your work so very much. I am so happy that you are sharing some of your thoughts and life. May you be blessed and may your family always stay close to you and the Savior. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy your talent.

  2. I found this picture online during one of my darkest moments. The picture reassures me that God loves me, even when I was being abused by those who were supposed to love me. Hearing the story of your daughters helps me understand that we want God to love us personally. We want to see our faces in the place of that child. I am so glad you were able to do that for your little one.

    During my dark time I wasn’t following the letter of the law, so I copied the image illegally and printed it out on a 4×6 paper. It has been an important part of my recovery. So today I am please to be purchasing a print, in fact 2 and can feel better about “stealing” the image when I needed it most.

    Thank you.

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