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The Process

Doreen asked Greg, “Do you use photo’s to paint from and also, do you remember my parents Ken and Carmen Thomas?” Greg also talks about the time it takes to create an image.

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6 thoughts on “The Process

  1. Portrait ‘Lost and Found’ is a beautiful piece. I have a dear friend who lost her 28 yr old son who was on a wayward path. His last words to her were” I hate you Mom”. Several days later he died of unknown causes. I am saving my money for this piece as a gift. She will be taking his name to the temple in the next few weeks, and I want you to know what peace this portrait will bring to her. Her name is LuAnn Thurkill. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.

    Sharon Carlin

  2. I met you yesterday at Costco in Mesa. I was the one with a baby in a carrier and another in the cart with my husband. It is very hard for me to talk to people who from a distance have had a major impact in my life. I grew up in the gospel but had some very faith challenging experiences in my early teens that threw me into an out of control downward spiral. I suffered from extreme depression and PTSD. I don’t know now how I survived the next 4 years until I went to college and found a branch of my church just for college students, I started to turn my life around. I tripped and stumbled a little along this new path but I continued forward with the help of my bishop and new friends. I had done a lot of things I was not proud of in my time away from the gospel and I wasn’t sure how to forgive myself or how I could find a young man who would be able to love me in spite of my spotted past. I found a picture of yours “Forgiven”. I nearly wept in the store it spoke volumes to my spirit and at that moment I knew that it would all be okay. I have since married in the Oakland CA temple and had the two boys you met. Your pictures continue to bring the spirit into our home and serve as a reminder to me. I thank you so very much for using your talents to bless my life, the life of my family and an unknown number of others. I was wondering if you have ever thought of doing multiple picture series in which putting the pictures together would tell a story. I am not an artist in any form of the word but ever since I saw you painting I have had images pop into my mind the first is a little extreme with a tear stricken teenage girl trying to end her own life in the bath room, then in the next picture her mother is praying at the foot of her (the mothers) bed with a picture of the girl (from the first picture) next to her bed, the next picture shows the girl throwing away the tools of her pain with scabs on her wrist, the next one shows her reading the scriptures with tears more of gratitude and forgiveness her scars are slightly visible, then the next has her reaching her hand out to another young lady pulling her up from the ground where it looked as though the girl had been crying and lost, the next one shows a the woman in white in the arms of a groom her scars now white the last one shows her and her husband holding children. In each picture the savior is seen in the first one he is weeping for the lose of the girls virtue in the second he stand next to the mother with a hand on her shoulder, in the third he is seen with a smile on his face, in the fourth a glow starts to appear around the girl and Jesus is seen in a picture on her wall smiling and looking at her, in the fifth he stand beside her (still glowing in each of the next pictures it grows in intensity) and helps her pull the other girl up, in the sixth he is standing with the couple, tears of happiness appear in his eyes and in the last he is kneeling almost playing with her children and in the clouds there are words that say “well done my good and faithful daughter”. I know it sound weird but I see them a lot I am just better with words I have poems that I have written that go along with each picture because I can not paint or draw or anything of the sort. Yeah I don’t know why I told you about those but I have never shared that with anyone but my husband he always said I could try to learn to paint but I don’t think I would ever be able to paint them they are so vivid and they are so intense in their urgency at times. Any who I am just rambling now thank you again for your wonderful paintings and sharing of your talent to all of us.

    The Forgiven Ivy

  3. My dad and mom, Art and Helen Harker were friends of your parent’s from Shelley. My dad took a painting class from you and was always amazed at how you could compose a painting to be so pleasing to the eye. Dad loved the beauty of the world around him and wanted so much to put his love on canvas. He was in his 70’s when he took the classes and you helped him gain enough skill to enjoy painting for the rest of his life. Dad was always proud to say he had learned from you. Thank you

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