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Why Do I Paint Christ The Way I Do

I received a question from Annie Call on Facebook. She asked, “When you get ready to paint pictures of Christ, are you painting from personal revelations of what he looks like? or what you think he would look like? I have noticed your images of Christ are slightly different than the ones we normally see….”

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9 thoughts on “Why Do I Paint Christ The Way I Do

  1. I agree. When I have your picture on my wall, I can feel the spirit of his presence there more closely. I couldn’t really tell you what he is wearing or what color his eyes are, but I know that I can feel something, even when I’m not looking in that direction. Thank you for sharing your gift, being close enough to the Spirit to have this gift, and for all the free pictures, and autographed pictures, that you have made extra special over the years. When I take your pictures to have them framed here in Virginia, or nonmembers come into my home, they are touched as well by these pictures.

  2. I absolutely love your paintings. You are by far my favorite painter of Jesus Christ. I feel like the paintings “speak” to me. I thank Heavenly Father for giving you the gift you have and also for the fact you are so willing to share it with the rest of the world.

    Thank you,

  3. After just picking up my “gift” from you I am so overwhelmed with love for my Savior and have noticed that the expressions on His beautiful face are always “LOVE, KINDNESS, TENDERNESS, ETC.” I have one print on my wall that actually speaks to me. Whatever I am doing, I look at His eyes and I can tell if He approves or disapproves of what I am doing or where my thoughts are. His countenance changes that much. I am so grateful for these wonderful paintings. I feel my Savior’s love no matter how I am feeling when I look at these pictures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these special times with all of us. God bless you and your family!

  4. THANK YOU for your answer. I have noticed that in the pictures of Christ that I have, I feel the Spirit. I feel his loving gaze on me no matter where I am in the room. It is as if the Savior is in my home with me, watching over me.

  5. Thank you from me too! I really love all your paintings. I have my third calendar with your art hanging on my wall. I get really inspired from your paintings and can feel the spirit through them.

    Sincerely, Cecilia

  6. I love your paintings of Christ. So far I have 2. I don’t like very many painting of Jesus, there isn’t any Annointing on them. I love the way you paint His robes and sandals. There not raggy or old looking. I believe Jesus wore nice things, because He wasn’t poor. You make Him to be so real. God Bless you and Our Lord for giving you such a wonderful gift.

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