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Chicken or the Egg?

Tina Reeder asked a question via Facebook. Do you create your art work to go with specific sayings or do you find a saying and create the art work to go with the saying?


One thought on “Chicken or the Egg?

  1. First, keep up the great work!
    Second, keep up the great work on FB… I love sharing your inspirations, with others, church members or not! There is always great feeback!
    Third, thank you so much for for sharing your thoughts and the insights on your paintings (love the poster ideas now!). You have always added deeper meanings to your work (which I tend to already attach my own deep thoughts on) and coming from the actual artist makes it that much more priceless to me.
    I do have to share with you about the painting “Walk with Me” I purchased on the Holy Lands cruise with you and how it really spoke to me. I was always drawn to it, but after you added the insight of where you actually painted it from, coupled with the poem and the title itself, that is the exact place over 30 years ago my parents told all us kids they were getting a divorce. To this day, I have no idea why they would pick a place with wonderful childhood memories but I now know why this piece spoke to me in such volumes. It was then, at that place in my life and that location, I needed Him more than ever. I treasure that picture and cry on a semiregular basis when I read the poem and feel of His great love.
    I am so very grateful He blessed you with these talents and you share them with all us, and in such unique ways. You truly bless more lives than you will ever know, over and over again. Thank you will all my heart!

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