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Awesome Wonder

Take a moment and look at the beauty around you. Our surroundings witness to us that there is a Creator. The following video is an excerpt of a talk that Greg recently gave.

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Wonder

  1. I just had to share THIS with YOU:


    He never saw his mother’s face
    or looked at the sky of blue.
    He never saw a red, red rose,
    never saw the morning dew.

    He spent his life in darkness,
    never knowing his lovers smile.
    Didn’t see his children’s faces,
    or his daughter walk down the aisle.

    Each night he would read the bible,
    his fingers feeling each word,
    his eyes would well up with tears
    as he prayed his heart would be heard.

    Yes, he always believed in heaven,
    he spoke of his Father’s love.
    He knew he would someday see again,
    when he reached the heavens above.

    That day he always knew would come,
    arrived today at his door,
    the angels came to take him home,
    now he is not blind anymore.

    © Forrest Phelps-Cook

    P.S. I have the print I won framed and hanging on my wall. It
    brings me DAILY joy.

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