Christmas Art

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  1. A Light to the Gentiles

    A Light to the Gentiles

    The promise of a Savior was fulfilled by our Heavenly Father in Christ, who is the Light of the World. Learn More
  2. Angels of Christmas

    Angels of Christmas

    Nativity figures from their box are retrieved, Near a crackling fire on a Christmas Eve. Each is unwrapped with excited haste, Then slowly, carefully, thoughtfully placed. The scene comes to life when viewed by a child, The babe seems to stir, and the mother just smiled. Safeguarded here and kept far from danger, The baby is kissed and laid in a manger. Learn More
  3. Christmas Eve Touch Up

    Christmas Eve Touch Up

    For Santa, everything must be just right! Sometimes even Elf workmanship falls a bit short and the boss uses this as a delightful excuse to get involved. There is nothing like the gift of one’s own time and effort. Christmas is an opportunity for us to give of ourselves, to share our love in simple ways and to join in creating the magic of theseason. As we... Learn More
  4. Making a List
  5. Messages from Heaven
  6. Milk and Cookiezzzzz
  7. Peace on Earth

    Peace on Earth

    The world sleeps in darkness through a night self-imposed; While light shines in the heavens and eternally glows. Earthly vision is dimmed, our eyes unable to see The tender gaze of the Master who loves you and me. His hands are upon us, His comfort He gives. His spirit offers a window to view where He lives. We can see on forever through time and... Learn More
  8. The Reason for the Season

    The Reason for the Season

    Enter a wonderland where twinkling lights shine on an array of symbols of the season. From attic hideaways come holiday treasures to cast their spell over the young at heart. The boxes and bows, tinsel and trim wrap you in a warm, cozy spirit. The ribbons and reindeer, the soldiers and trains turn your mind back to the storefront windows, and you... Learn More
  9. The Spirit of Christmas

    The Spirit of Christmas

    By the magical light of a small Christmas candle A little old man tries to carefully handle The small porcelain manger which serves as a bed For the wee Baby Jesus to lay down His head. In wonder he brings the manger up to his view, Smiles at the baby and whispers, “I love you! I love you for bringing this season of joy, I love you for growing to a man from... Learn More

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